CPP congratulates Ka Joema for his removal from EU terror blacklist

CPP Information Bureau

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today congratulated Jose Ma. Sison, CPP founding chairman, for his removal by the European Union's (EU) General Court from the EU's terrorist blacklist. The CPP described Sison's court victory after seven years of legal struggle as "another slap against the campaign of the US imperialists and the Arroyo regime to demonize and persecute Ka Joema."

Last September 30, the European court decided in favor of Sison after determining that he was never investigated, prosecuted nor convicted for any act of terrorism. It ruled that the passing and incidental statements in Dutch court judgments on his asylum case from 1992 to 1997 and on the unproven murder charge against him in 2007 failed to make a case against him as a terrorist. The court's judgement became final and executory when the December 10 deadline lapsed without the European Council filing an appeal.

Sison was included in the EU's terror blacklist in 2002 as a result of heavy influence by the Bush regime and persistent lobbying by the Arroyo regime.

Ka Joema's removal from the European Union's terror blacklist "is only the latest in a string of victories in his long-standing fight against persecution by the US, its EU ally and its local puppet regime. It is also a significant victory in the continuing fight of the world's revolutionary forces and people against the US-led 'global war against terror' obstinately supported by its allies and puppets," said the CPP.

"The revolutionary forces in the Philippines have consistently been berating the US "foreign terrorist list," charging the US for actually being the world's Number One Terrorist. It has also demanded that the reactionary puppet government undo its work to include the CPP, the New People's Army and CPP founder Jose Ma. Sison in the "foreign terrorists list" of the US, the European Union and other imperialist countries.

The CPP said that the US "global war against terror" is actually nothing more than the US' war of terror against all countries and peoples of the world fighting for national freedom, democracy, justice and social progress.

Sison's lawyers are now planning to pursue a case against the European Council to demand compensation for the "deprivations, violations of rights and moral and material damages that he has suffered for more than seven years," as well as for his legal defense.