CPP condemns arrest of Andrea Rosal, filing of concocted criminal charges

By CPP Information Bureau

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) condemns the Aquino regime and its armed forces for arresting Andrea Rosal, her companion Rafael de Guzman, and the filing of trumped-up criminal charges against them. Andrea is being accused by the fascist Armed Forces of the Philippines as being a member of the CPP in the Southern Tagalog region.

Andrea is 8-months pregnant and was accosted as was preparing to deliver her child. Andrea is the eldest daughter of former CPP spokesperson Gregorio “Ka Roger” Rosal who passed away in 2011. Her mother, Rosemary, was felled by fascist bullets in an armed encounter in Quezon in early 2011.

“Indeed, the arrest of Andrea is an apparent case of fascist payback after having failed to arrest her beloved father, Ka Roger, whom the military hated with extreme prejudice for having effectively represented the revolutionary cause and exposing the abuses of the AFP.” Rosal was never arrested by the AFP despite non-stop braggadocio.

“It seems to be a cruel joke that the AFP is now charging Andrea with kidnapping, when she herself was a victim of kidnapping 25 years ago by officials of the Southern Luzon Command,” pointed out the CPP. “In 1989, then 3-year old Andrea was snatched away fascist soldiers from her grandmother’s arms with whom she grew up in Ragay, Camarines Sur.”

“The SolCom would later release Andrea after Ka Roger and Andrea’s grandmother would protest the kidnapping over radio and the media, yet none of the perpetrators of that crime was ever punished,” pointed out the CPP. “In fact, not one official of the AFP Southern Luzon Command, has ever been punished for the innumerable abuses perpetrated by the AFP against the people.”

The CPP condemns the Aquino regime and the AFP for filing one criminal case after another against the leaders and members of the CPP in order to justify their arrests and prolonged detention. “This is in violation of the Hernandez Doctrine, a principle upheld even by the Supreme Court of the Republic of the Philippines, which stipulates that filing criminal charges for offenses committed in the course of one’s political belief is a violation of human rights.”

“The Aquino regime, like the Marcos dictatorship, denies holding political prisoners, because activists and revolutionaries who are bent on exposing and opposing his puppetry, mendacity, corruption and brutalities are being accused as criminals and being charged with such common crimes as murder, illegal possession of firearms, and now kidnapping,” said the CPP.

The CPP calls on the international community of human rights advocates to look into this practice of filing trumped up criminal charges, of filing charges against aliases, and arresting activists and others and accusing them of having such-and-such alias found in their concocted criminal charge sheets.