CPP condemns anti-Moro AFP offensives in Maguindanao

By CPP Information Bureau

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) joins the Filipino and Moro people in denouncing the all-out military offensives being carried out by the Aquino regime in Maguindanao that have resulted in the displacement of close to 30,000 people from the Bangsamoro areas.

The CPP denounced the Armed Forces of the Philippines for carrying out aerial bombings and using mortars and cannons which are fired at the direction of civilian communities and farms, endangering the lives of people, damaging their crops, forcing them to evacuate, and traumatizing residents, especially children and the elderly.

The “all-out offensive” is being carried out by the AFP and Philippine National Police (PNP) in several towns in Maguindanao, including Datu Unsay and Mamasapano.

Several homes in Barangay (village) Maitumaig, Datu Unsay, were destroyed a few days ago when the military and police conducted air strikes and ground operations against the community. Residents of Barangay Inaladan in the same town were forced to evacuate in the middle of the night amid heavy shelling by the AFP.

“The AFP is indiscriminately firing artillery into civilian communities which they claim to be part of the areas of operation of the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF),” said the CPP. “The Aquino regime is violating wholesale the people’s human rights in its use of aerial bombs, mortars and other weapons that cause indiscriminate and widespread damage.”

“The so-called offensives of the AFP are hurting mostly the Bangsamoro civilian population,” said the CPP. “This is a costly effort by the military and police to draw attention away from Aquino’s culpability over the botched January 25 Mamasapano operations that resulted in the loss of 44 elite police troopers in a gunbattle with Moro armed fighters.”

“The all-out offensives also seek to bolster the Aquino regime’s push for the enactment of the Bangsamoro Basic Law by establishing its armed dominance over the Bangsamoro areas,” said the CPP. “The Aquino regime also seeks to weaken the negotiating position of the ceasefire-bound Moro Islamic Liberation Front by making it more passive amid the AFP’s armed offensives, or compelling it to join the AFP in anti-BIFF operations which will cause its isolation from Moro communities,” pointed out the CPP.

The CPP reechoed its call to the Bangsamoro people to defend their rights and advance their struggle for self-determination through revolutionary armed struggle.

The CPP likewise called on all units of the New People’s Army (NPA), especially those in Mindanao, to carry out more tactical offensives in order to aid the Moro people in their resistance against the armed offensives of the Aquino regime.