Communist Party of the Philippines condemns Israeli air strikes in Gaza

Communist Party of the Philippines

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) joins the peoples of the world in condemning in the strongest possible terms the Israeli government's indiscriminate aerial bombing of heavily-populated Palestinian communities in Gaza.

This despicable crime of the Israeli Zionists against humanity has wrought unprecedented destruction. Israeli airstrikes have ravaged homes, university buildings, refugee camps and other civilian structures and killed close to 400 Palestinians, many of them children, women and the elderly.

The Israeli government is blinded by its Zionist expansionist policy of refusing to concede Palestinian independence, maintaining a policy of continuous war against Palestine and seeking to wipe out the Palestinian nation.

In expressing support to the Israeli bombardment of Gaza, the US imperialists have made themselves equally responsible for their puppet Israeli regime's brutal crimes against humanity. The US is Israel's foremost criminal instigator and No. 1 supplier of arms in exchange for serving as the extention of US hegemonism and terrorism in the Middle East.

The Palestinian people are fully justified in waging armed resistance to defend their territory and their right to self-determination against the subjugation, fascism and genocide being inflicted on their country by the Israeli Zionists. They have won big and small victories in the past through armed struggle in conjunction with international diplomacy, political work and mass actions.

It is hypocritical for the United Nations leadership as well as pro-US, pro-Israeli and some other governments to condemn Palestine's Hamas and Israel on equal terms. The Israeli bombing spree is clearly the most indiscriminate and brutal ever launched by Israel in past decades in its genocidal campaign against the Palestinian people. Even as defensive acts of ground rocket-firing by Hamas forces targeting Israeli centers may also be violative of international rules of war, they are not at par with the criminal and genocidal Israeli aerial strikes.

The CPP urges the peoples of the world to unite in condemning the Israeli Zionist regime and demanding a stop to its criminal air strikes. The revolutionary movement in the Philippines extends its hands of solidarity to the Palestinian people and urges them to rise up in unity against Israel's brutal crimes against humanity in Palestine.

The Philippine revolutionary forces also call on the Israeli people to act in solidarity with the Palestinian people and to overthrow the Zionist Israeli government that has been perpetrating the policy of subjugating, attacking and eliminating Palestine.

Peace can only be achieved in Gaza and between Palestine and Israel by putting an end to the Israeli government's Zionist policy and giving way to full Palestinian independence and to peaceful co-existence, mutual respect and solidarity between the Israeli and Palestinian people.