Communist Organization of Greece salutes the Communist Party of the Philippines

Message to the Communist Party of the Philippines


The Communist Organization of Greece salutes the Communist Party of the Philippines on the 40th anniversary since its founding. We extend our greetings to the whole leadership and membership of CPP; to the valiant commanders and fighters of the New People’s Army; to the NDF and its allied organizations; to the leaders and militants of the legal national democratic popular movement; and, through them, to the whole Filipino People who have a great legacy of patriotic and revolutionary struggles and are always on the frontline of the international movement against imperialism and reaction.

The founding of CPP by Comrade Jose Maria Sison and other revolutionary communist cadres amidst the storms of the ’60s marked the upsurge of the revolutionary armed struggle in the Philippines and created the conditions for the development and consolidation of a powerful national democratic movement. The CPP, deeply rooted in the popular masses, wages since 1968 a heroic struggle against the consecutive pro-US reactionary regimes, be they the Marcos fascist dictatorship or the anti-people governments that followed it until today.

The combination of waging a protracted people’s war and developing a mass militant movement, thus applying creatively in the Philippines’ conditions the principles of the revolutionary theory and practice developed by Marx, Lenin and Mao, has elevated CPP to the rank of those revolutionary parties who set examples exceeding by far their national boundaries. Even under the most difficult conditions, and in times marked by the retreat or even the surrender of others, the CPP kept the flag of revolution raised high. The communists and the peoples of the world will never forget this important contribution of CPP.

Today, in times of deep capitalist crisis and of upsurge of a new wave of struggles worldwide, we are confident that the CPP, further strengthening its successful struggle in the Philippines, will continue playing a leading role in the efforts to coordinate the revolutionaries and the communists on international and regional level against the common enemies of the broad popular masses. From Greece, a country actually stormed by the justified revolt of the youth, we are once more extending to the fraternal Communist Party of the Philippines our most sincere and combative greetings.

It is right to rebel!

Long live the CPP!

Long live internationalism!

Communism is the future of the World!

Leading Committee
Communist Organization of Greece