CNL is one with the people in celebrating 42nd anniversary of the New People’s Army

Christians for National Liberation is one with the people in celebrating the 42nd year of the establishment of the New People's Army

"As Christians, we salute the NPA … it carries out true selfless service to the people and (they) offer their lives for the cause." — Christians for National Liberation

Christians for National Liberation-Southern Tagalog

The journey towards social justice and to the world envisioned by God for His people is full of trials, challenges and sacrifices. Indeed, the destination, the paradise where no man exploits his brother and no self interest served is the temple we intend to reach, if not during our lifetime, for our young brethren and children.

As Christians, it is our moral obligation to carry out all possible means to attain God's plan for his children. As what he did, he gave His only begotten son to live with the common tao, suffer with them, and lead them to reclaim the kingdom of God that was coveted by a few that enslaved and persecuted the people. He bled and died for others to live and pursue the quest for justice and peace.

The Christians for National Liberation believe that true change does not lie only on oneself. To attain the humanity of human race, there should be a general and comprehensive change of the whole political, social and economic structures influencing the behavior of man. As Christians, it is our duty to feed the hungry and protect the most unprivileged and vulnerable of our brothers and sisters, of our countrymen against those who have robbed them of every opportunity to live a peaceful and dignified life. For the oppressors, peace and order can be attained by sending the oppressed to the silence of their graves in the forms of extra judicial killings, enforced disappearances and by pinning them in the cold and dark detention cells,

The time has come for us to make a stand. Stand up and take the challenge, the risk, the sacrifice of embracing the poor and carry on the quest for justice and liberation from oppression. Let us stand up with the masses as Moses led his people.

The Christians for National Liberation is one with the people in celebrating the 42nd year of the establishment of the New People's Army. The People's Army that carries out the completion of the work of Christ — to protect and deliver the people from the evil self-centered modern day Herods and Pontius Pilates. If not for the NPA's perseverance and agrarian revolution, the poor majority of the peasantry would have nothing. If not for the National Democratic Revolution, our beloved Filipino brethren would have to suffer in hopeless misery brought by the semi-colonial and semi-feudal system subservient to the claws of the eagle that is the US imperialism and its local counterparts — the big comprador bourgeoisie and the landlord class.

As Christians, we salute the New People's Army and the many men and women of God who chose to take the road less traveled by — a direct communion with God, hand in hand with the most impoverished. For 42 years, it carried out the true selfless service to the people and offered their lives for the cause. It is affirmed time and again, that only through the national democratic revolution can we fulfill the noble duty of leading our people to a truly democratic and dignified life, just as what Moses and David did.

For those who are martyred, for those who are disappeared and persecuted, your sacrifices will never be forgotten by a country long forsaken. The lives you willingly sacrificed for the impoverished will clear the path towards victory of the national democratic revolution in toppling the evils that are upon us.

So, go, our dear brothers and sisters, we are one with the people, the National Democratic Front and the New People's Army under the leadership of the Communist Party of the Philippines. The Spirit has breathed upon you – empowered by the people to free the captives, the hungry and the oppressed.

For Christians who truly adhere to the teachings of the church, be a revolutionary, be a liberator!

Long Live the Revolution and the Filipino People!

Long live the NEW PEOPLE'S ARMY!