Be resolute, daring and creative in achieving the requisites for strategic stalemate

Pulang Diwata Command
NPA-Northeastern Mindanao

Red salute to the Red Commanders and Red Fighters as we celebrate the 42nd founding anniversary of the New People's Army! Let us bestow the highest honors to the revolutionary martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the people. They are heroes that inspire the revolutionary forces in carrying the people's democratic revolution towards victory.

Under the absolute leadership of the Communist Party of the Philippines, the New People's Army stands as exemplary soldiers of the people, genuinely protecting the masses and sincerely serving them. Every Red Fighter has iron discipline, wholeheartedly adhering to the Three Main Rules of Discipline and Eight Points for Attention. Because of this no black propaganda of the past and present regimes succeeded and the masses' respect for the NPA remain.

The true people's army will further flourish under the deceitful Oplan Bayaniha of the US-Noynoy Aquino regime. The mercenary Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) will fail to win the hearts of the masses as they, time and again, witnessed the AFP's puppetry to imperialists, big landlords and big bureaucrat capitalists. In North-Eastern Mindanao, the mercenary or paid AFP has made a practice of pretending to be Red Fighters during their military operations to get the people's trust. But they fail as they are easily exposed and their tyranny and deceit of the masses revealed.

The call of the CPP to advance the people's war from strategic defensive to achieving the requisites for strategic stalemate in less than five years was answered by the NPA with successive victorious tactical offensives. From March 2010 until March 2011 there have been 123 military actions, confiscating 84 assorted firearms from the enemy. Four Red Fighters valiantly offered their lives.

The NPA is not just a combat army, it organizes the peasantry and the lumad people to establish their revolutionary unity and carry out agrarian revolution. Since March 2010 until the present, there are 34,000 families benefitting from the different types of agrev in North-Eastern Mindanao Region. The NPA also delivers social services like health care in communities inside the guerilla zone, launches literacy activities and promotes revolutionary culture.

But these are small victories. We need to launch more and larger tactical offensives. This can only be accomplished with an increase of those who will join the New People's Army. Majority of the Red Fighters come from the peasantry and lumad. There is a need for the educated youth to take on a higher level of serving the people and for them to join the New People's Army.

We should RESOLUTELY execute every task and firmly carry out the key link in organizing the countryside which is AGREV or agrarian revolution. Through agrarian revolution the majority of peasants will be mobilized, they will join the people's army and fortify our guerilla bases. We are launching armed struggle in our bases to destroy the enemy. We should be CREATIVE in our DARING implementation of tasks, discover various methods and styles of effective actions.

To the youth, answer the challenge of the masses, join the New People's Army!

Achieve the requisites of strategic stalemate within the next five years!

Advance the protracted people's war to victory!

Long live the New People's Army, the true people's army!