Section 1. Through their representatives in the National Conference or National Council, the allied organizations decide on the amount of contributions that they shall make to the general fund of the NDF.

There shall be a minimum contribution to be paid uniformly and additional variable contributions based on the ability to pay or size of membership.

1.1 The allied organization shall also propose such measures as will further raise funds and resources for the NDF.

Section 2. The NDF shall systematically collect contributions from Philippine and foreign sources as well as from the allied organizations.

2.1 It shall also assist the organs of political power and people's army in collecting contributions and taxes and shall receive a reasonable portion of these as may be agreed upon within the NDF.

Section 3. Finance management shall be the responsibility of the finance committee under the leadership of the National Council.

3.1 Annual and special audits shall be performed under the guidance of the National Council.

3.2 Financial reports and records shall be open to the scrutiny of NDF officers and the representatives of the allied organizations at any time.