National Executive Officers

Section 1. The national executive officers of the NDF are the chairperson, the vicechairperson and the secretary general.

Section 2. The chairperson is the highest official of the NDF

2.1 The chairperson presides over meetings of the National Conference, the National Council and the National Executive Committee, and leads the overall work of the NDF.

Section 3. The vice-chairperson assists the chairperson in leading the over-all NDF work.

3.1 The vice-chairperson shall take the place of the chairperson in case the latter is unable to perform his/her duties or functions.

Section 4. The secretary general heads the General Secretariat.

Section 5. Executive officers at all levels may be removed from office by due process on the basis of the following: gross violations of the NDF Constitution, Program and policies; negligence; abandonment of duty; and abuse of authority.

5.1 Any NDF hearing of disciplinary action against any officer shall not impede or prevent a similar hearing within the allied organization which such officer represents.