Allied Organizations

Section 1. The NDF includes as its constituent organizations all those represented in the founding national conference, as well as organizations that shall join thereafter.

Section 2. Any organization adhering to the NDF Program and Constitution can join the NDF upon the consent of the allied organizations.

Section 3. There shall be no direct membership of individuals, cells and small groups not belonging to any allied organization.

3.1 Individuals, cells and small groups shall be encouraged to join any of the NDF allied organizations. Individuals, cells and small groups may build their own organization that can join the NDF directly.

3.2 The NDF National Council may invite outstanding individuals to become members, provided such individuals represent a significant interest, trend or mass supporters of significant value to the revolutionary movement and if they are willing to come under the discipline of the NDF, provided the number of such individuals shall not exceed 10 percent of the entire number of the membership of the National Council.

Section 4. Allied organizations have the following rights:

4.1 Enjoy equal representation in the NDF;

4.2 Enjoy respect for integrity, independence and initiative;

4.3 Have free and full participation of their respective representatives in meetings and other activities of the NDF;

4.4 Participate in political education and other training courses necessary for the effective implementation of the tasks of the NDF;

4.5 Recommend such parties and organizations as may join the NDF as well as such outstanding individuals as may become members of the NDF National Council;

4.6 Have representatives elect and be elected to positions in the NDF;

4.7 Be informed of the decisions of the leading organs and developments within the NDF in its entirety;

4.8 Offer proposals to and criticism of any allied organization, provided the issue pertains to the NDF and does not infringe upon the integrity, independence and initiative of the allied organization concerned; and

4.9 Appeal any decision of the National Council and the National Conference of the NDF, and abstain from implementing decisions with which it does not agree.

Section 5. Allied organizations shall have the following duties:

5.1 Foster revolutionary unity and strength among allied organizations within the NDF and among the Filipino people;

5.2 Uphold and propagate the NDF 12-Point Program and Constitution;

5.3 Support and implement the programs, policies, and decisions of leading NDF organs;

5.4 Perform tasks conscientiously and correct mistakes and weaknesses so that work will improve;

5.5 Safeguard the security of the NDF and all its allied organizations;

5.6 Help generate political, material, technical, financial, and personnel support and services for the revolutionary struggle;

5.7 Help any allied organization in need of support; and

5.8 Preserve the integrity and prestige of the NDF and all its allied organizations.

Section 6. Any allied organization is free to withdraw from the NDF at any time. A written explanation of the reasons for the withdrawal shall be required.

Section 7. Through the National Conference or National Council, the allied organizations may withdraw recognition of any allied organization as member on the following grounds: gross violation of the NDF Constitution and Program and acts that undermine the unity and integrity of the NDF.

7.1 Such withdrawal of recognition from an allied organization shall be according to due process.