Organizational Principles and Policies

Section 1. The NDF is an alliance of all patriotic and progressive organizations adhering to its Constitution and Program. It fosters the unity, cooperation and coordination among the allied organizations.

Section 2.
The NDF respects the basic principles, organizational integrity and discipline as well as the independence and initiative of each of the allied organizations in advancing its revolutionary cause and objectives.

Section 3. The NDF applies the principle of equal representation of the allied organizations. The allied organizations enjoy equal representation in the National Conference and the National Council, as well as in conferences and consultations at lower levels (regional, provincial, district, city and municipality).

Section 4.
The multilateral relations within the NDF respect existing bilateral relations of the allied organizations. The New People's Army is under the absolute leadership of the Communist Party of the Philippines.

Section 5.
The NDF unites and harmonizes the relations of allied organizations. It shall not set the alliance in conflict with any bonafide allied organization. And definitely, the name or the common strength of the NDF shall not be used against the principle of working class leadership in the revolutionary united front.

Section 6.
The NDF adheres to the democratic processes through consultations and consensus.

6.1 Decisions shall be made on the basis of consensus after free and thorough discussions. Agreements shall be made up to the extent that these are possible. Disagreements shall either be laid aside, resolved on the basis of the least common denominator or left to the independence and initiative of the allied organizations.

6.2 Between meetings of the leading organs of the NDF, consultations among the allied organizations shall be enhanced.

Section 7. All members of the leading councils and officers of the NDF shall serve the people wholeheartedly, study concrete conditions constantly, conduct work competently, act as models in observing the constitution and in implementing the general program, seek truth from facts, practice criticism and self-criticism and accept supervision from the masses.

Section 8. The NDF adheres to the right of recall. The allied organizations can change their respective representatives in the National Council. The principle of recall shall apply to representatives of allied organizations elected as executive officers; however, the power to elect the replacement remains with the National Council of the entire alliance.