General Revolutionary Principles

The NDF stands for the following general principles:

Section 1. The Philippine revolution is a national-democratic revolution with a socialist perspective and under the class leadership of the proletariat through the Communist Party of the Philippines (MLMZT).

Section 2. The central task of the Philippine revolution is to overthrow the rule of imperialists and the local reactionary comprador big bourgeois and landlord classes and the establishment of a democratic people’s republic.

Section 3. Only the power of the people forged through a national united front and upholding the people’s war can defeat the rule of US imperialism and its local reactionary agents and establish a new democratic order. The revolutionary united front can be built only with the leadership of the working class, on the foundation of the basic workerpeasant alliance, drawing in the urban petty bourgeoisie as additional basic force and further drawing in the national bourgeoisie as an additional positive force, taking advantage of the splits among the reactionary classes in order to isolate and destroy the most reactionary clique at every given period.

Section 4. In a semicolonial and semifeudal society, armed struggle is the principal form of revolutionary struggle. In the most appropriate way, reactionary political power is destroyed and red political power is established by the people. Legal and other forms of struggle – essential but secondary – are linked to the armed struggle.

Section 5. The Philippine revolution is being advanced as an internationalist duty, contributing all it can to the liberation of humankind from the scourge of imperialism and all reaction. The advance of the anti-imperialist struggle and united front worldwide is necessary for the total victory of the Philippine revolution. We wage our people’s war in line with the principle of self-reliance while we call for international support from friendly peoples and revolutionary forces abroad in the face of escalating US intervention and threat of all-out aggression.