Arroyo’s new attempts at charter change meet angry protests

LIBERATION International, March – June 2009 issue

Prisoners of war (from left) Police Officer 1 Alberto Umali, P/Inspector Rex Cuntapay and PO1 Marvin Agasen sign their documents of release on 27 March. Behind are Red fighters of the New People’s Army who served as custodial forces of the POWs. Photo from Arkibong Bayan/Alexander Martin Remollino.

By Pingkian
and Bagani Dong-Ilay

"It was a day of ignominy,” said a progressive member of the Philippine House of Representatives, the lower House of Congress.

On 2 June 2009, House Resolution 1109 was railroaded through the House of Representatives by majority congressmen who are loyal to Manila President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. HR 1109 proposes to transform the House into a Constituent Assembly (“Con-Ass”) for the purpose of amending the Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines.

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