Arroyo’s 9-year Oplan Bantay Laya is a complete failure

By CPP Information Bureau

"The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) declares unequivocally that the revolutionary movement and its New People's Army (NPA) have not only successfully overcome the Arroyo regime's counterrevolutionary efforts, but have achieved great strides in advancing the people's war."

The CPP issued this statement in connection with the scheduled testimonial parade today to be carried out by the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) for its outgoing commander-in-chief President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, who it claims provided "a clear direction in the fight against communist insurgency" and "was able to set the trend against insurgency that can be sustained by the next administration." The AFP claims "more provinces have been declared as insurgency-free." 

"The top officials of the AFP, including its commander-in-chief Arroyo have nothing to celebrate today. In the whole nine years of Arroyo's rule and the implementation of their ruthless Internal Security Operational Plan Bantay Laya, they have completely failed in their declared objective of reducing the revolutionary armed resistance to insignificance," declared the CPP.

"Through the past nine years, the revolutionary movement and its armed forces have grown in strength, seized thousands of firearms from the AFP to arm a steady stream of new recruits, expanded areas of operation, assiduously built the people's organized strength and advanced their struggles against feudal and semifeudal exploitation and fascist oppression in the rural areas. They have also remained strong and vibrant in urban poor and worker communities," the CPP added.

"These victories have been achieved by the people and their revolutionary forces despite the employment of brute fascist force by the puppet reactionary Arroyo regime," said the CPP. "The Arroyo regime has spent hundreds of billions of pesos in building up its war machinery to impose a reign of terror on broad swathes of the Philippine countryside where they suspect the people to be actively engaged in revolutionary struggle, and in the cities to stop the people from waging open mass struggles and launching demonstrations."

"By exhibiting utter impunity in its campaign to suppress the people's resistance, the Arroyo regime has gained nothing but the ire of the Filipino people and the international community.

"Arroyo's rule will forever be remembered by the most brutal acts: the Hacienda Luisita Massacre of 2004; the Palo, Leyte Massacre of 2005; the extrajudicial killings of thousands, including human rights worker Eden Marcellana, peasant leader Eddie Gumanoy, minority peoples' activist Dr. Alyce Claver, church worker Bishop Alberto Ramento, nine-year old schoolgirl Grecil Buya, teacher Rebelyn Pitao, student activist Farly Alcantara; the abduction and forced disappearance of several hundreds including National Democratic Front peace consultants Leo Velasco, Prudencio Calubid and Rogelio Calubad, activists Jonas Burgos, Luisa Posa, Nilo Arado and James Balao; the brutal torture of the Manalo brothers; the imposition of a "state of emergency" in 2006; the imposition of the "calibrated preemptive response" to suppress street demonstrations; the deployment of thousands of government soldiers in the National Capital Region and other major cities to restrict the movement of people; and many other cases of fascism and terrorism," the CPP said.

"She has heaped the highest praises on the notorious fascist butcher Gen. Jovito Palparan, pinned one medal after another on his chest, promoted him and fostered his tactics of out-and-out suppression and impunity as a model for the AFP in carrying out its war of terror on the people," said the CPP.

"The list of Arroyo's gross human rights violations and crimes against humanity goes on. Her hands drip with the blood of the Filipino people," added the CPP.

"By committing such grave violence against the people, the Arroyo regime and the AFP have only steeled the Filipino people's determination to carry forward their revolutionary armed struggle," added the CPP.  "The revolutionary forces led by the CPP are now advancing their full-scale guerrilla warfare nationwide and striving to forge ahead the people's war from the current stage of strategic defensive to its next phase of strategic stalemate in the next five years,"

"The intensified tactical offensives of the NPA since the start of the year show the determination and capability of the NPA to accelerate the armed struggle. The NPA will continue to launch bigger tactical offensives in the coming months and years in order to seize more firearms and strengthen the people's army," added the CPP.

"As defenders of a defunct and rotten ruling system, the AFP will continue to fail miserably in its avowed objective of putting an end to the people's revolutionary resistance."