Armed Forces of the Philippines is a key political tool of reactionaries — CPP

Contrary to Gen. Bangit's crap, Armed Forces of the Philippines is a key political tool of reactionaries — Communist Party of the Philippines

By CPP Information Bureau

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) dismissed the farewell speech yesterday of outgoing Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) chief of staff Gen. Delfin Bangit as "full of crap." Contrary to General Bangit's claims of AFP neutrality, the CPP said that the puppet reactionary military organization has always served as the most powerful political tool of the ruling reactionary political clique and the entire set of reactionary ruling classes.

General Bangit, whose retirement took effect yesterday had earlier intended to remain until his mandatory retirement in July 2011 but was compelled to do so after incoming President Benigno Aquino III made it clear that "The Emperor," as the outgoing president's favorite general is called by his bootlickers, will be definitely be replaced as AFP chief of staff.

"Top officials of the military and police have always been political appointees. Each star they have on their shoulders is gained through bootlicking and sycophancy, as well as their reliability in suppressing the people's resistance," added the CPP. "General Bangit himself was a most favored political appointee. He has exhibited utmost servility to Gloria Arroyo ever since and was inappropriately rewarded the prime post of AFP chief of staff over other more senior and deserving generals. His appointment was intended to maintain Arroyo's influence on the military even after her term expires on June 30."

"General Bangit was, however, compelled to submit his early retirement after US-mediated negotiations between the Arroyo and Aquino families reached an agreement to allow the smooth transition of power with concomitant compromises on both sides. The removal of General Bangit from the AFP's top echelon with the regime change was among the compromises of the Arroyo camp in exchange for possible accomodations and more lenient treatment under the incoming Aquino regime."

"With the removal of General Bangit, the incoming ruling clique will now have a free hand to install officers loyal to the Aquino family and clique for full influence and control over the military establishment. Aquino US imperialist handlers have given him the go-signal to carry out the consolidation of the AFP under his rule in exchange for ensuring that it will be geared principally for counterrevolutionary war in accordance with the US Counterinsurgency Guide."

"The puppet military and police are the principal instruments of the ruling classes in maintaining the prevailing oppressive and exploitative state and system. Their weapons have always been trained at people who have stood up and resisted the rule of foreign monopoly capitalists and their local big bourgeois, landlord and bureaucrat capitalist partners," added the CPP.

"General Bangit's claims that the AFP exhibited non-partisanship during the last reactionary elections is a big heap of rubbish. In the last elections as in earlier elections, units of the AFP were tools of warlord and reactionary politicos. But most especially, they served as instruments for coercive electioneering against progressives and pro-people candidates and parties," added the CPP.

"Military personnel made the rounds of barrios and homes harassing supporters of progressive candidates such as those of the Makabayan Party and progressive party-list groups such as Bayan Muna, Gabriela and Anakpawis which the AFP labelled as communist fronts, urging the people to reject such candidates and parties and posting psywar paraphernalia maligning them. Officers, members and supporters of these groups have long been subjected to extrajudicial killings and other violent attacks by the military and its agents."

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