Aquino is the “biggest pimp” of foreign big capitalists — CPP

By CPP Information Bureau

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today lambasted Benigno Aquino III for being the "biggest pimp serving the insatiable greed" of foreign big capitalists when he declared that his government will guarantee the foreign investors' contractually agreed fees even in the event that regulatory bodies, courts or congress may decide to stop companies from collecting them.

In yesterday's opening of the the public-private partnership program conference, Aquino assured foreign big capitalists that they will be compensated by his government against so called "regulatory risks." He said that in any event that regulatory bodies, the courts or the legislature may determine that some contractually agreed fees, including pre-set fee increases are questionable or outrightly unfair and illegal, the government will use its own resources to compensate the contractors for the whole of what was guaranteed to them.

The CPP said that "The puppet president completely disregards any possibility that contractually agreed fees and hikes may be questionable, anomalous, detrimental to the Filipino people and even outrightly illegal, and thus their collection should be stopped."

"Clearly, he had in mind the prevention of the foreign-owned South Luzon Tollway Corporation from collecting a scheduled toll rate hike at the South Luzon Expressway due to the delay in approval of the Toll Regulatory Board, strong opposition from the people, and a restraining order from the Supreme Court," pointed out the CPP.

Aquino had publicly expressed dismay that restraining orders issued by courts have prevented companies such as the South Luzon Tollway Corporation from increasing their fees.

The CPP said "because of his determination to serve the interests of foreign big companies, the puppet president has turned a deaf ear to the clamor of the public against the planned 250% increase in toll fees in the South Luzon Expressway."

"Aquino has assumed dictatorial powers by guaranteeing profits for foreign big capitalists against regulation and oversight by congress and the courts," said the CPP. "In doing so, Aquino, the Privatization King, is opening the floodgates of corruption, abuse and plunder."

"Under the US-Aquino regime's public-private partnership program, the Philippine government is to enter into contracts with provisions guaranteeing the superprofits of foreign capitalists. By giving top priority to ensuring contracted profits for foreign big capitalists, not only has the Aquino government completely disregarded the Filipino people's welfare and interests, it has totally surrendered Philippine sovereignty," said the CPP.

"Aquino's complete surrender to the interests of foreign big is now surpassing all past puppet regimes," added the CPP. "Under the Aquino puppet regime, the commanding heights of Philippine economy are bound to be put under the complete control of foreign big capitalists."


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