Anniversary greetings from the Revolutionary Organization of Labor, USA

Dear Comrades,

On the 40th Anniversary of the founding of the CPP we salute you and your current leadership as well as your outstanding founding leader, Jose Maria Sison!

We salute your leadership of the Philippine revolutionary movement, today on the frontlines of the struggle against imperialism, headed by U.S. imperialism. We salute your leadership of the NDF, NPA and other revolutionary organizations which are working and advancing the struggle for national liberation and socialism. We salute your leadership of the many successes of the revolutionary movement won with great courage and sacrifice, including the gaining of substantial territory where the masses are already building new revolutionary life under the leadership of the party. We salute the struggle against opportunism waged by the CPP which has enabled the Philippine revolutionary movement to stay the Marxist-Leninist course and gain new strength despite the many obstacles thrown in its path by modern revisionism and right and left opportunism as well as the pressures of imperialism. We salute your proletarian internationalism.

We remain a small proletarian revolutionary organization functioning in the USA, still the chief oppressor nation in the world. From, this vantage point, we recognize that the Philippine revolution, led by the CPP, is today making a vital and significant contribution to the worldwide struggle against imperialism, led by U.S. imperialism, the criminal invader and occupier of Afghanistan and Iraq and the worlds #1 terrorist. The ultimate victory of the Philippine national democratic revolution and then socialist revolution will be a great victory for all proletarians and oppressed peoples who today suffer under the iron heel of U.S.-led imperialism.

In this era of Leninism, the era of imperialism and unfolding proletarian revolution, your struggle is our struggle. Your leadership, revolutionary determination, vision and courage as well as your internationalist support displayed towards our organization has strengthened us for the revolutionary battles of today and tomorrow. In this common struggle we pledge to continue our involvement with the just cause of Philippine national democratic revolution and to intensify our struggle within “the belly of the beast”.

On this 40th Anniversary of the founding of the CPP, the advanced and organized detachment of the Philippine proletariat, we extend our hands in proletarian internationalist solidarity to the revolutionary proletariat of the Philippines. We and many others around the world receive great inspiration, encouragement and leadership from the CPP. You are playing a needed role in the global effort to unite the world’s proletariat and the world communist movement in the face of the growing acute world capitalist crisis and the growing opportunities for the world proletarian revolution.

Victory to the Philippine National Democratic Revolution Leading to the Socialist Revolution!

Long Live the Communist Party of the Philippines!

Long Live Proletarian Internationalism! Onward to a New Communist International!

Workers of the World and Oppressed Peoples Unite!

With Great Comradely Respect,

Ray O. Light
General Secretary
Revolutionary Organization of Labor, USA