The Role of the Third Party Facilitator

The Negotiating Panels have agreed that, subject at any time to the acceptance of the Norwegian Government, the following will guide the role of the Third Party Facilitator:

  1. To facilitate the holding of the talks of the two negotiating Panels

  2. To attend formal talks as Third Party Facilitator and to provide advice, opinions & suggestions to the two negotiating parties subject to the inherent prerogative of the negotiating parties to maintain mutual control of the process.

  3. To receive updates on the progress of the talks from the two parties as may be deemed necessary.

  4. (To extend assistance to facilitate the work of the RWCs and subcommittees)

  5. (To provide support, as may be requested, for the work of the Joint Monitoring Committee, when duly constituted, and the general implementation of the CARHRIHL). Note: the Norwegian facilitators’ approval of Numbers 4 & 5 of the above was deferred pending clarification on expected and detailed specifics on the roles to be played by them. Meanwhile, the agreement of the parties on Numbers 4 & 5 stands.

  6. To perform other functions as Third Party Facilitator that the two parties may agree upon based on their continuing assessment of the progress and emerging needs of the talks.