Aircrafts of toxic aerial spray will be gunned down by the NPA if they do not stop

NDFP-NEMR strongly warns the owners of large banana plantations in Caraga to stop the use of aerial spray (aerial spray aircrafts) because of the damage it causes to the workers, residents and the environment. Contractors and pilots of these aircrafts are also warned. If they will not stop, the NPA will shoot down the aircrafts.

Currently, 2 big capitalist companies in Caraga have been using aerial spray for banana – Sumitumo Fruits (SumiFru) in Tagbina, Surigao del Sur and Del Monte-Philippines in Cabadbaran and Tubay, Agusan del Norte. They have been warned by the NDFP-NEMR last December 2015, but they continued to use this, not considering the damage it causes to the surrounding people, plants and animals.

Thousands of families are living on the peripheries of SumiFru and Del Monte plantations. Many of them acquired lung and skin diseases because of the chemicals that they cannot help but breath and get on their skins every aerial spraying. The plants that have been included in the spraying like coconut trees, banana and fruit trees, are dying and no longer bearing fruit. Sources of water for bathing and drinking water for animals have become hazardous to use because it is contaminated with toxic chemicals.

Aerial sprays have been totally banned in other places like Davao because of the strong opposition of the people especially the victims and environmental groups. The toxic effects of aerial spray has been proven by scientific researches. However, the puppet and corrupt US-Aquino regime and its local burucrats continue to allow these and the AFP, PNP are using paramilitaries to defend the companies, in exchange for the bribes from the capitalists.

We call on the pilots of the aerial-spray aircrafts to stop and look for other jobs. Even if they are not the targets of the shooting, they are at risk to be hit by the bullets.

We call on the mass media, the masses and other sectors upholding the interests of the people and the environment, to help in spreading this warning to the concerned.

Ka Maria Malaya