Achieve strategic stalemate in five years — CPP

Banners of the NDFP member organizations are held aloft during the 41st anniversary celebrations of the CPP in Mindanao, 26 December 2009.LIBERATION International, 31 March 2010 issue

By Ed Ladera

The CPP leadership, in its anniversary statement, calls on its forces to make a great advance in the people’s war for new democracy. It declares its determination to strive within the next five years to make the great advance from the stage of strategic defensive to the strategic stalemate, fulfilling all the requirements and without skipping any necessary phase.

Strategic stalemate means that the revolutionary armed forces shall have achieved parity in the revolutionary war against the armed forces of the reactionary government. The strategic stalemate paves the way for the next stage in the protracted people’s war, namely the strategic offensive, which pushes towards the nationwide victory in the struggle for national and social liberation… Read more.

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