66th IB ambushed in Mati City


New People’s Army
Compostela Valley – Davao Gulf Subregional Command
Southern Mindanao Region

Red fighters under the NPA’s Compostela Valley – Davao Gulf Subregional Command waylaid a squad of the 66th Infantry Battalion on board a KM450 truck in the national highway in Sitio Tagawisan, Brgy. Badas in Mati City, Davao Oriental, at around 8am, May 30. Masses report that at least two soldiers were killed while several others were wounded.

The enemy unit was in transit from Brgy. Taguibo in Mati City to nearby Banay-banay town. The ambush site is less than a kilometer away from a checkpoint of the PNP’s Task Force Mati. Red fighters were able to carry out the military action with firm grasp of guerilla tactics, mastery of terrain and a supportive mass base.

The tactical offensive is a big slap on the face of the 10th Infantry Division, which have repeatedly harped on its accomplishment of having expunged the influence of the revolutionary movement in its areas of operation, especially in Mati City. The fact that Red fighters were able to carry out an ambuscade in a national highway and in broad daylight against a legitimate enemy target proves that the NPA has not lost the support of the peasant masses in the area.

Both the AFP and the local reactionary government in Davao Oriental were quick to claim that the tactical offensive was an “isolated incident,” glossing over their fear that the hundreds of millions of public money spent on their counter-insurgency programs have amounted to nothing in the face of the masses’ continued love for the NPA. Davao Oriental in fact is slated to receive at least P640 million under the NTF-ELCAC’s Barangay Development Program, as reward for the string of civilian killings and other human rights violations, forcing civilians to surrender, strong-arming barangay officials to release so-called “persona non-grata declarations,” and many such antics. The masses know that the BDP funds are earmarked to line the pockets of the AFP leadership in Eastern Mindanao and warchest for Duterte’s bid to secure favorable local and national results in next year’s elections.

Meanhwile, the masses in Davao Oriental consider the tactical offensive as revolutionary justice for the many crimes perpetrated by the fascist 66th IB, whose troops have terrorized Lumad and peasant communities in the province and in neighboring towns of Davao de Oro. The 66th IB is responisble for many cases of psywar, harassments, abduction, physical abuse and forcing civilians to surrender as either NPA members or supporters.

NPA units in Davao Oriental and Davao de Oro will continue to delivery body and head blows against enemy targets in base areas and guerilla zones. With the masses’ support, Duterte’s foolish daydreams of defeating the revolutionary movement, especially the NPA, will be as worthless and ignominious as his fascist and corrupt regime.

ComVal – Davao Gulf Sub-Regional Command
New People’s Army – SMR