Concha Araneta: On the 44th Anniversary of the NDFP

Concha Araneta
NDFP Panay
23 April 2017

A thunderous and resounding applause to the National Democratic Front of the Philippines. This acclamation so befits the NDFP as it reaches the height of its achievements in 44 years of serving the Pilipino people.

The year 2016 up to the present has put the NDFP in the forefront of Philippine politics as well as hugged frontline news abroad when it engaged the Duterte regime in the longest peace negotiation in our country.

With the guidance of the CPP as its principal the NDFP peace negotiators with much presence of mind, flexibility and openness have adroitly handled impositions by Duterte even before the start of the 4 th round. This is so because of the NDFP’s persistence to push through the agreements on Social Economic Reforms which would effect milestone reforms and substantial changes for the masses.

The most meaningful and most significant gain in the fourth round of the peace talk held this month of April is the affirmation and validation of GRP and NDFP that the free distribution of land is the basic principle of genuine agrarian reform.

This is the first time that the GRP has accepted and agreed to the demand of the peasant masses for free distribution of land. This has proven that the centuries-old struggle of the poor peasants is just and right. A struggle having been paid by their blood and lives.

The NDFP has well asserted and championed its program for a national democratic revolution and has further reached millions during the peace process. This has raised higher its prestige and popularity among our people especially the basic sectors of peasants, workers, urban poor and the youth.

It is notable that church leaders of various denominations have been most enthusiastic in supporting the peace endeavour and in pushing the talks to continue. Here in Panay and nationwide a number of local government officials from congressmen, governors, mayors, city and town councils welcome this move for peace and have passed resolutions of support,
opened up schools and other forums to peace dialogues as well as resources and other forms.

There has also been favorable acceptance of the NDFP agrarian reform and national industrialization proposals by a considerably large portion of our professionals and local small and medium entrepreneurs. There are even landlords who have come to understand and are open as to their role in the industrialization of the economy if ever their lands would be distributed to the poor tillers.

The member-organizations of the NDFP are expanding and increasing and are deeply-rooted among the exploited and oppressed classes and sectors. From the original 12 member-organizations on its founding on April 24, 1973 we now number 17 as of this date. Individual
members have reached to hundreds of thousands nationwide while here in Panay we have more or less a score of thousands well-placed in all its provinces. This past 12 months we have successfully launched the Panay Regional Congress of the CNL or Christians for National Liberation and we have also held the Panay Regional Conference of Kabataang Makabayan or

The NDFP is the biggest and most widespread organization of the revolutionary movement because it is the alliance of all revolutionary forces who carry the true interests of the majority of the Pilipino people from the lowest peasants to the middle classes in our society.

The allied organizations of the NDFP in Panay who are well-rooted among the peasants, laborers, youth and students, urban poor, teachers, health workers, employees and other professionals as well as the religious sector are leading the mass struggles of their sectors.

It was not seldom that the struggles and protest actions that they have led resulted to tangible
benefits to the masses of peasants, workers, students and other working people. This is one reason why the overwhelming majority of our people today avidly support the peace talk and their concerted actions have pushed Duterte to resume the peace negotiation inspite of attempts to block it by the militarists and US stooges in his government.

Under the CPP’s leadership and with the NPA as its fighting arm, the NDFP has greatly contributed to the advance of the people’s war in our country. A good majority of the ranks of the New People’s Army come from member organizations of the NDFP. In Panay the bulk of the people’s army come from members of Kabataang Makabayan, Pambansang Katipunan ng mga
Magbubukid and Malayang Kilusan ng Bagong Kababaihan.

As we have reached our height and prestige the revolutionary movement cannot forget our revolutionary heroes and martyrs who have given their ultimate. I would want to honor a few of them. Tay Andres Togonon a peasant turned Marxist-Leninist till the end, comrade Joe Tangente a seminarian, Geronimo ‘G7’ Gerez from KM and our brave women from MAKIBAKA — Mary
Gene Dumaplin, Rowena Torato and Ma. Luisa ‘Luing’ Posa-Dominado.

The people’s war we are waging today is for people’s peace. It is because of the advance, the strength and the resilience of our people’s war that the reactionary government has been pushed to sit down and listen to the people’s demands. Without admitting it, sitting across the table with the NDFP, implies the GRP admits to the quasi-governmental role of the NDFP
representing the people’s revolutionary government.

We must launch more gigantic, more militant and more frequent mass struggles that would lead to bigger successes to our peoples’s war. Our mass organizations must grow bigger and stronger. The people’s gains cannot be wasted and they have to be defended by its army. The NPA in Panay must further grow bigger and stronger in order to defend the people and their gains.

Whether the negotiation would come to its conclusion or not, the NDFP has proven that it upholds the genuine interests of the Pilipino people, that the peace we offer is peace based on justice and that people’s war is truly for people’s peace.

  • Carry out the free distribution of land!
  • Carry out national industrialization!
  • Uphold and support the peace talks!
  • Salute to the NDFP on its 44 th year!