22 enemy troops killed, 10 wounded in separate TOs by NPA

Guided by the rules of engagement in the conduct of war, the Red fighters of the New People’s Army (NPA) launched several tactical military offensives in different parts of the country in the period of January-May 2024. With the support of the masses, ambuscade and harassment military operations were successfully launched against the brutal troops of the reactionary Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) resulting in 22 enemy troops killed and 10 wounded. The NPA also frustrated enemy attacks against its guerrilla fighters and masses through defensive maneuvers. These operations dealt heavy blows and demoralization on the armed forces of the reactionary state.

The NPA also called upon the forces of the enemy soldiers to cease serving under the AFP.  Majority of the enemy troops comes from the toiling masses of workers, peasants, urban poor who are forced to enlist in the AFP for lack of other employment. They are systematically being transformed into inhuman, brutal killings monsters in order to serve the interests of the ruling classes.  

Following is a partial round up of tactical offensives launched by the people’s army in the period of January-May 2024:

Ambuscades and Encounters

  • Two soldiers of the reactionary army were killed when a unit of the NPA in Agusan del Sur staged an ambush last January 19 against the 3rd Special Forces Battalion (SFB) operating in Barangay Mabuhay, Prosperidad, Agusan del Sur. The NPA unit withdrew safely. The NPA offensive was in response to the continuing military operations of reactionary troops in the mountain areas bordering Agusan del Sur and Surigao del Sur. These operations since 2022 have disrupted the livelihood of indigenous peoples and peasant masses and caused hunger and hardships for the masses.
  • An NPA-Rizal unit ambushed troops of the 80th IB engaged in military operations in Barangay San Isidro, Rodriguez, Rizal last January 31. One enemy soldier was killed while two others were seriously wounded. The AFP troops acted as security for the destructive Wawa-Violago Dam project in Rizal. They also protect the interest and lands of the big ruling comprador big bourgeoisies, the Araneta, Villar and Robles. The 80th IB continues to cause great difficulties for the people of Rizal, setting up checkpoints, harassing the people of the area, making entry and exit of the area very difficult, illegal arrest and interrogation of farmers and the Dumagats-Remontado indigenous peoples, and sowing terror among the people.
  • On February 23, a unit of NPA-Abra held defensive battle against troops of the 50th IB operating between Barangay Naguilian, Sallapadan and Barangay Abang, Bucay. A soldier of the reactionary army was killed in battle.
  • An NPA unit encountered reactionary troops of the 24th IB last February 27 between Barangay Bazar and Ud-uddiao, Sallapadan. One enemy soldier was killed during the encounter.
  • On March 14, the NPA opened fire on the 65th IB troopers operating in Barangay Pinanggalaan, Agusan del Sur. Two soldiers were killed.
  • Red fighters of the NPA- Quezon (Apolonio Mendoza Command) ambushed a 30-strong unit of the 85th IB operating in Barangay Doña Aurora, Calauag on March 25. Three of the fascist soldiers were reported injured. Ka Cleo del Mundo, spokesperson of the NPA unit in the province, said Red fighters blew up a command detonated explosive at the 85th IB, and the clash lasted for 10 minutes. The NPA unit safely withdrew.
  • A unit of the Jose Rapsing Command of the NPA turned the table against forces of the 96th Infantry Battalion-Philippine army when it thwarted the attacks of the enemy against the NPA in the morning of April 18 in Barangay B Titong, Masbate City. Two soldiers were killed and two more were seriously wounded from the enemy side. There were no casualties on the side of the people’s army.
  • Red fighters of the NPA-Western Samar (Arnulfo Ortiz Command) seized an R4 rifle when it ambushed elements of the 3rd IB in Barangay Gayondato, San Jorge, Western Samar on May 14. The offensive killed Cpl. Reycon Remedio and injured another soldier.
  • Red fighters of the NPA, with the support of the peasant masses in the towns of Maria Aurora and Dipaculao in Aurora province, frustrated the relentless focused military operations of the 91st IB and 84th IB during the month of May. At least seven military troopers were killed while two others were injured in three consecutive clashes between the enemy troops and the people’s guerrilla fighters. The first encounter took place in Barangay Toytoyan, Dipaculao on May 20, followed by a battle in Barangay Salay, Dipaculao on May 21 and another on May 28 in Barangay Bazal, Maria Aurora. The people’s army fought bravely and maneuvered to safety.
  • At least five soldiers of the 2nd IB were killed in an encounter with the New People’s Army (NPA)-Masbate (Jose Rapsing Command) on May 23 in Barangay Lague-lague, Cawayan town. The NPA unit was in the area to hold consultations on the situation and problems of the community residents. The Red fighters withdrew safely.

Harassment operations

  • A unit of NPA-Masbate harassed the 96th IB troopers operating in Barangay Gangao, Baleno, Masbate last January 13. Said enemy military unit was shaken and immediately hid their casualties to cover up their losses.
  • In Oriental Mindoro, the NPA-Mindoro (Lucio de Guzman Command) fired shots at 4th IB soldiers in a military camp in Sitio Sigao, Barangay Lisap, Bongabong on May 20. The soldiers have been encamped in the area imposing martial law on the people since 2022.
  • In Negros Oriental, the NPA-Central Negros (Leonardo Panaligan Command) launched two harassment operations against the 62nd IB. They attacked the 62nd IB bases in Barangay

The people’s war rages on

The AFP continues to deploy excessive numbers of military forces in a vain attempt to quash the revolutionary movement. The AFP uses bombs, helicopters, drones and other superior weapons for its combat operations. They terrorize the people, bomb villages, deprive the people of their homes and livelihood, commit brutal and dastardly acts. This is what is taking place in provinces like Quezon, Rizal, Oriental Mindoro, Masbate, Negros Oriental, Surigao del Sur and Agusan del Sur.

But the NPA has the support of the masses who stand steadfast with the Red fighters in advancing people’s war.  Contrary to the enemy’s expectation, their acts of terror and brutality have further galvanized the people to continue the struggle for their liberation from intolerable exploitation and oppression.  When the masses, especially those from the toiling classes, are aroused, organized and mobilized, they become not only a rich wellspring but a powerful fighting army of the revolution.