50 peasant youths join Kabataan Makabayan

News Stories August 31, 2021

Last August 21, about 50 youths pledged as new members of Kabataan Makabayan in a barrio in Eastern Visayas. With the theme, “Youth, support the mass movement in the barrios! Join the New People’s Army! Resist the fascism of the AFP!” members of the revolutionary youth organization, KM, attended the conference wherein they discussed various issues of peasant youths, their calls for safe resumption of face-to-face classes and the criminal culpability and fascist attacks of the Duterte regime against their sector.

“The youth do not see any future under the Duterte regime,” says Ka Mori, chairperson of the barrio’s KM chapter. KM members and NPA fighters also staged cultural performances for the event.

Ka Rebo, political instructor of the NPA unit who spearheaded the conference, shared that one of the main topics discussed during the activity was the historical role of youth in advancing the revolution and their primary task of opposing militarization in their barrio.

In the guise of Retooled Community Support Program, young people and their families do not experience peace as military units bombard their communities with bombs and cannons, while killings, illegal arrests and forced surrenders persist.

Amid the regime’s fascist attacks, new blood continues to emerge and revolutionary young people traverse the path of armed struggle. The youth remains the well-spring of the movement that will never dry up and will continue to feed the ocean of the people’s war until victory.